Our experienced engineers design a code compliant, electrical and mechanical automatic fire fighting system, which will ensure the safety of your house, building or any project, and its occupants. Since lives are at stake, Firefighting is not a concept to be taken lightly. That is why our engineers combine the electrical fire detection systems, with the mechanical plumbing systems, as well as the proper ventilation systems, in a way to detect the smallest fire in its earliest stages, and put it out rapidly, all while ensuring breathability and fast smoke evacuation for the occupants as they exit the premise.


Our Firefighting services include:

  • Electrical Fire Alarm Design and Plans

  • Fire Rated Plumbing and Sprinkler System Design and Plans

  • Fire Pumps and Redundancy Systems Design and Plans

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Sizing and Distribution Plans

  • Interconnecting the Exhaust Fans and Fresh Air Fans with the fire Alarms, in order to choke fires and evacuate smoke rapidly.