Spanning over 3800 m2, The Roots of Faqra consists of eight individual stone dwellings, situated on a steep sloped terrain facing the north, each with its own walkway, garden, and terrace. The root concept being to preserve the natural landscape, the structures of the project tends to integrate into their environment, by being embedded into the existing stone built step-like earthworks, and by their slanted roofs covered in vegetation.
The project distinguishes itself vis-a-vis its ecological aspect. Planted roofs allow smooth integration into the landscape, as well as providing adequate thermal insulation for summer and winter months. The house benefits from natural heating, via a greenhouse effect produced by a large skylight and a southward curtain wall. Furthermore, 50 cm thick double walls of natural stone, provide the perfect layer of thermal insulation. All the lights used in this project are Eco Friendly LED Lights, heating is done through floor heating, and the VAC system has been designed in such a way to ensure the lowest energy consumption.

Client: NH-Architectes

Location: Faqra

Time Frame: December 2014

Architect: NH-Architectes (

Scope of Work:

Electrical Design for 8 Chalets and a Swimming Pool.

  • Lighting, Power and Low Current Design

  • Earthing and Lightning Protection Design

  • Electric Panel Boards and Automatic Transfer Switches Design

  • Power Network Main Feeder Cables Sizing

  • Transformer, UPS and Backup Generator Sizing and Cabling. 100 KVA Total Connected Load

  • Shop Drawings

  • Coordination between all trades

  • Electrical Site Inspection and Material Approval

  • Electrical Value Engineering


Mechanical Design for 8 Chalets and a Swimming Pool.

  • HVAC Design

  • Plumbing Design including Cold, Hot and Hot Water Return, Swimming Pool and Water Filtration

  • Drainage by Gravity Design

  • Sewage Design

  • Shop Drawings

  • Coordination between all trades for all the project

  • Mechanical Site Inspection and Material Approval for the whole project

  • Mechanical Value Engineering for the whole project