Rive Gauche is an eight bio-climatic houses residential project, located on a steep sloped terrain facing the north. The project focuses on the integration in the environment by burying the houses, hiding them in the terrace farms of the hill.
The use of bay windows to maximize sunlight in winter and air circulation during the warmer seasons, ensures passive sustainability in terms of controlling and conserving thermal mass, apt insulation and airflow, all the while offering a full view to the stunning valley of Nabaa el Jawze and the nearby lake. This ensures a lower cost of both cooling and heating, while the state of the art LED Lights and HVAC systems used ensure the lowest possible power consumption.

Client: NH-Architectes

Location: Biqaatit Kanaan, Lebanon

Time Frame: 2015

Architect: NH-Architectes (www.nharchitectes.com)

Scope of Work:

Electrical Design for 8 Chalets

  • Lighting, Power and Low Current Design

  • Earthing and Lightning Protection Design

  • Electric Panel Boards and Automatic Transfer Switches Design

  • Power Network Main Feeder Cables Sizing

  • Transformer, UPS and Backup Generator Sizing and Cabling. 100 KVA Total Connected Load

  • Fire and Intrusion Alarms

  • Shop Drawings

  • Coordination between all trades

  • Electrical Site Inspection and Material Approval

  • Electrical Value Engineering


Mechanical Design for 8 Chalets

  • HVAC Design

  • Plumbing Design

  • Drainage by Gravity Design

  • Sewage Design

  • Shop Drawings

  • Coordination between all trades

  • Mechanical Site Inspection and Material Approval

  • Mechanical Value Engineering