RUD SPA is a luxurious sanctuary for relaxation. A setting that seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with chic warmth: where raw concrete meets sophisticated simplicity. An eye-catching blend of concrete, wood, natural brightness, well-placed lighting, industrial ducts, mirrors, and beautifully packaged items lined up on shelves. It has a signature style that smacks of elegance and contemporary flair. It houses a Boutique, a Wellness Spa and a Hair and Makeup Salon. 16 HVAC Machines ensures the ultimate comfort in terms of ambient feel, while state of the art light technology ensures coziness and warmth.

Client: Mrs. Roudayna Massaad

Location: Mansourieh, Lebanon

Time Frame: 2014

Architect: Mr. Harout Hovaguimian

Scope of Work:

Electrical Design

  • Lighting, Power and Low Current Design

  • Electric Panel Boards, Power Metering and Automatic Transfer Switches Design

  • Main Feeder Cables Sizing

  • UPS Sizing and Cabling. 150 KVA Total Connected Load

  • Backup Generators Sizing, one 100 KVA and one 50 KVA with Change Over Switch between them

  • Fire and Intrusion Alarms

  • Music System Distribution

  • Shop Drawings

  • Coordination between all trades

  • Electrical Site Inspection and Material Approval

  • Electrical Value Engineering

Mechanical Design

  • HVAC Design

  • Plumbing works include Jacuzzi and Water Filtration.

  • Drainage Design by Gravity and by Pressure

  • Sewage Design

  • Shop Drawings

  • Coordination between all trades

  • Mechanical Site Inspection and Material Approval

  • Mechanical Value Engineering