Villa OLYMPEA is a spectacular modern style villa, located at Kanat Bakich. It has an outdoor infinity pool, an internal patio housing a cedar tree, electric snow melting system, rain water collection and recycling system, Eco-Friendly LED lights, and state of the art HVAC systems, to ensure the best ambiance all year round.

Client: Mrs. Ghada Boustany

Location: Kanat Bakich, Lebanon

Time Frame: 2014 – Still Ongoing

Architect: Mr. Joy Harb (

Scope of Work:

Electrical Design

  • LED Lighting, Power and Low Current Design

  • Snow Melting by Electric Resistors.

  • Earthing and Lightning Protection Design

  • Electric Panel Boards and Automatic Transfer Switches Design

  • Main Feeder Cables Sizing

  • UPS and Backup Generator Sizing and Cabling. 55 KVA Total Connected Load

  • Fire and Intrusion Alarms

  • Shop Drawings

  • Coordination between all trades

  • Electrical Site Inspection and Material Approval

  • Electrical Value Engineering

Mechanical Design

  • HVAC Design, including Trench Heating.

  • Plumbing Design including Cold, Hot and Hot Water Return, Swimming Pool and Water Filtration

  • Drainage Design, including collecting Rain Water in an underground tank, treating it (Sand Filter, Softener, and UV Sterilizer) and distributing it all over the Villa.

  • Sewage Design

  • Shop Drawings

  • Coordination between all trades

  • Mechanical Site Inspection and Material Approval

  • Mechanical Value Engineering